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What. The. Heyyy.

Queenie Singh Dhody At The Moet And Chandon Dinner

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory.” -Coco Chanel

    That’s all I have to say.

  2. Don’t need to wait until year end to decide that this is the worst look of the year. Was queenie in a hurry to celebrate Halloween?? Lmao

  3. Empress of Wtheyy..
    What on earth make her drawn towards such tacky dresses n makeup….
    n to think of it tht she is a Style Advisor…
    WHO takes her advise i wonder..

  4. OMG ……….what has happened to her ….she has been on a downward slope style wise for some time now ….but this is really from another planet…..

  5. What The Heyyy, What The Heyyy
    What else can one say?
    That is an atrocious dress
    It makes you look like one hot mess.

    Be kind to us, O Queenie
    Don’t be such a meanie
    What you need to do is invest
    In a stylist who wishes you the best!!!

    • LAME poetry attempt, i mean this is a wttheheyyyy also.

      that aside, i agree with thye sentiment. get a stylist queenie. someone who will help you do justice to your fab body and nice face.

      • So you came here just for the fashion?
        Poetry is not your passion?

        Don’t call my poem lame
        though I know it’s not my claim to fame

        Remember that I may not be WB Yeats
        but I too have a heart that beats.

        :-) (Ok no more lame poetry. Couldn’t resist. Queenie has triggered off the poet in me.)

        • What is worst ?
          The back or the bust ?

          Where did she get that rose ?
          Does not go with the purse she chose.

          What a beautiful face !!
          That is the only saving grace.

          RS, can I follow you on twitter ?
          Let’s rhyme words and make people bitter.

      • Don’t be such a party pooper Anara. RS’s poetry is not trying to win any Nobel prize for literature. It is just a fun attempt to describe the outfit and she did a good job

      • Anara, Haven’t you heard of “If u don’t have anything nice to say, SHUT UP!” ??!?! Gawd!

        Queenie, pls do us all a favor, stay at home!

        • sasha, sweetheart, HHC commenters are the last ones who go by “If u don’t have anything nice to say, SHUT UP”

          wrong site.

          rs – the 2nd one’s better

  6. What was she thinking? She looks like a playboy bunny.
    Wish she would learn to dress like her age – which does not mean an old fuddy-dussy, but in a elegant manner.
    This lady ends up as a WTHeyy most of the times – no wonder Parmeshwar Godrej no longer features on this blog. She has too much competition!

  7. This woman is such a joke. She looks exactly what she’s trying to do – an older woman pretending to be a teenager. Tacky.

  8. WTHeyyyyy!!!!
    where do I begin with…hahaha…if I had been there for that dinner party..I would have been on the floor laughingg….lolll!!

  9. If you look closely, her suction bra is visible in the close up picture.

    How can she possibly be SO oblivious to how ridiculous she looks? I fail to understand.

  10. WHAT THE HELL! I can imagine her thinking that since I cannot repeat the dress from my wardrobe , I must borrow from my teenage daughter. And ofcourse , all the mirrors in the house refused to show her the reality.

  11. Playboy bunny was the first thing to come to my mind…really this is ridiculous…all the money in the world and you dress like an Anna Nicole Smith wannabe…

  12. It’s really sad to see people chase youth and then pick the tacky route to do it. This woman needs pity more than criticism.


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