Doing Black And White

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A week ago, you thought Preity looked oh-so-chic in her B&W do. This week, Priyanka tried the same colors in a different way.

Which one’s do gets your vote? (Weirdly, mine goes to PZ after seeing PC!)

Update: Added linkback.


Left: Preity Zinta at ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ Premiere
Right: Priyanka Chopra at ‘Victory’ Premiere

Photo credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Agree with Rashmi. PC is looking like a stick. So unnaturally thin. But I do like her attire.

    Preity is so pretty but her outfit is so matronly.

  2. PC looks disproportionate. A big head on a thin frame. PZ atleast looks womanly, PZ for me
    also that white of PC’s is too rin white, too beach surf white for me

  3. Preity would have been PERFECT if the skirt was knee lenght. But having it that long makes it seem kind of dowdy. I love Priyanka’s shoes though.

  4. Like the Mellowness of the white on PZ. PC on the other hand is too Stark… and by gosh this women will disappear one of these days at the rate she is going…

  5. I agree with cooks- wearing a white skirt can be tricky. I think PC’s outfit looks good because she is thin- the cut of the shirt & white skirt wouldn’t look good on a bigger girl. Or say someone with big arms & hips. I like PC’s outfit, but I’d probably be more comfortable wearing PZ’s :)

  6. PC’s skirt is too white..kind of like the Surf/Tide ads. The ivory in PZ’s outfit is so much better. If PC had worn the same top with an ivory skirt it would have looked really good. BTW, I agree that she is getting skinnier by the day. Eat something, girl!

  7. I love Preity’s dress and have been looking for it, which is kinda tough when I’m not sure who the designer is. Could someone point me in the right direction?
    thanks in advance

    ps. u guys are hilarious calling priyanka “piggy chops” :) lol…

  8. I am just curious, do these women actually “Buy” these expensive designer wears and wear it just once… or does it go back to the store?


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