Another Day, Another Dowdy Dress

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Seriously, we are so tired of saying the same things about Amrita that we’ll just let you do the talking on this one!

(P.S. Someone needs a haircut. Pronto!)


Amrita Rao at ‘Victory’ Premiere

Photo credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I wish she was just more natural! Why can’t she leave her hands on the side? She looks very conscious with her hands covering her front always. I like that color and she is really pretty but the dress would look even better if she just relaxes her body!

  2. Vilet!! you are right.. she does seem self conscious.. Also, she is so tiny.. but from many pictures recently, I have noticed it appears as it her hips are much wider than the rest of her body.. she needs to change her style pronto…

  3. I’m past the haircut and the clothes
    now, I just want to get her attention so that dazzed expression will go away (at least make her close her mouth)

  4. i don’t know, what you all have… I like the dress, the colour suits her very well and i love her make up, but the bag wasn’t a good choice….

  5. you know how some ppl look good in everything …. well she is the exact opposite, she doesn’t look good in anything she wears!

    given her tiny waist i wouldn’t be surprised if she is the infamous size zero, yet no matter which designer she wears she just looks dowdy …..

    maybe its not even abt the clothes …..being harsh but it always looks like that she has no personality … and that kind of ruins everything she wears… there is just no spark… even vidya balan with all her disasters brings something to her clothes… amrita, i feel could wear the best of designers but will still fade into the wallpaper.. that something extra, the star quality i feel is missing

  6. I think the gown is fantastic…love the color!! … Somebody pls go accessory shopping with her… Nd ofcourse, the makeup..Pls O pls change your makeup n hair person!!

  7. i agree with neha, the girl is trying but comes across as tired and plain boring. The girl next door thing is making her way to ordinary for us to sit up and take notice!

  8. Ok…did anyone see Amrita Rao’s ASHY knees at the Slumdog premiere in India. I was shocked! Clearly, the girl needs dressing advice…fast!!!
    I loved her in Vivaah though =)

  9. what a beautiful girl she is yaar, wanna the same dress too!! it’s so beautiful… does anyone know from which designer it is?? pls HELP

  10. She could really look stunning if she wanted to. She has it in her but it seems like
    1)she does’nt have a clue as to what looks good on her frame. I will maintain like I said before, she needs a proper stylist who can bring out her beauty.
    2) The fakeness in her look NEEDS to go. She needs to ditch those ugly contacts and probably try out some more natural-looking makeup
    3) She needs to cut her hair (or maybe curl it-and NOT the fake sort of curls-something natural) lol

  11. too much pleat and material , it looks like as if the dress has swollen Amrita, I think she needs to gain a little weight and please try wear short dresses with puffy skirts and tight top, gosh I wish I could explain what I mean, I think if she hire me as her stylist, I doubt she can afford me but any how, I would dress her the way that overnight she will be fashion sensation,

  12. i think Amrita has a “salwar kameez” face, as someone once politically incorrectly pointed out on this site a while ago(about someone else) – very traditional looks and very petite..i think she would look great in indian traditional..

  13. I think neha has completed everybody’s job indeed.i totally second her.though she is a beautiful face but she cant carry clothes.period.not the simplest ones ,not the best ones.she is plane so boring whn it comes to style.i feel so bad having said that for a girl but darling i hardly can help.if everybody seems to notice that in ur style thn why have u turned blind.u have such gud stylists around in the industry,pls go n seek some help.being a celebrity thats ur job honey.


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