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In character or out, the lady likes her dresses a certain style, no doubt about that. And it sure doesn’t surprise us to have spotted her styled in an Alice+Olivia Rigby Tube Dress in her recent movie.


Left: Priyanka Chopra In ‘Pyaar Impossible
Right: Alice+Olivia Rigby Tube Dress

Photo Credit: PriyankaChopra.Org, Polyvore

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  1. eeek…I’m getting so freaking BORED of her. Such an average looking girl. And her dressing style doesn’t help. Very boring dress. Actually,it’s PC who makes it boring. It is infact a pretty would look much better on literally ANYONE else.

    • the WAY U SPK ONE MITE THINK UR THE MS.WORLD NOT HER! ANYWAY comin bck to the dress yes its is too short nd would look btr with blak leggings underneath it but u gotta admit the fct she pulls of that look. there is not much women out thr who would be able to wear ultra mini dress and manages to look good.

  2. yawn. we may have seen this look once or twice or a gajillion times before.
    the dress is cute, i like the hair.
    those shoes are majorly wtf.

  3. I am completely bored with her..All she has got is a decent figure and all she wants is to flaunt it in minis. I have completely written her off!!!!!

  4. Alright hate me..but ..she does look cool and trendy in her short numbers…whole another story that its repetive…blah blah..but come on..give the girl some credit..she looks confident…happy..and fun….I like her!

  5. Honestly what’s the point of this post?
    You don’t do this with any other actress but only Priyanka!
    I have seen celebs wearing nice outfit on their movie poster and no mention of them in this website!

    • Did you miss the ones we did on Kareena in Kambakkht Ishq or the bag spottings on Rani and Dimple? When we see something we recognize, we definitely do a post, irrespective who they are. :)

  6. I JUST saw Priyanka Chopra at JFK a couple of hours ago…and i’m a convert. man the woman is gorgeous. she was wearing skinny jeans and a leather jacket, and barely any makeup…and wow, she looked HOT.
    and her hair was beautiful!
    anyway i guess all that is beside the point…i think she looks cute in this dress….

  7. oh please!! i’ve always wanted someone to bust the hype about PC…she’s one of the most overrated lookers around. She’s got those “just one of the others” sort of good looks, which actually means well groomed and nothing else! think this dress is a cute colour, but her hair makes a look like a page boy in it!!

  8. that dress is so cute!! there are so few people who can pull it off, and im so glad it to see on priyanka. i for one, think she looks great here!


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