Seeing Double

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A Fashion Week means, there’s bound to be one of those ‘Seeing Double‘ posts… Leaves us gobsmacked every time. Here’s the first one from this week and hopefully, the only one.

Taking in the shows on day one of WLIFW’s A/W 2012 edition in a white jersey Sass & Bide was Nandini Bhalla. In a bizarre twist of events, Preeti Chandra‘s collection showcased that very same day included a gown that bore an uncanny similarity to the Sass & Bide number. Wonder what the Cosmopolitan Editor made of thaat?!!

Curioser and curioser.

Left: Nandini Bhalla At WLIFW A/W 2012 Day One
Center: Sass & Bide Mini Dress
Right: Preeti Chandra, WLIFW A/W 2012

Photo Credit: Facebook

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  1. Another copycat designer/tailor. I’m talking to you Preeti Chandra! In this day and age, i don’t know how Indian ‘deejainerz’ think they’re gonna get away with this! Ridiculous!

  2. I am pretty sure Nandini was wearing a ‘Preeti Chandra’, to the show or atleast she thought so. Otherwise it is way toooooo much of a coincidence!

  3. Both remind me of the chanel dress or top from 2011 that had a similar gold link patterned on white with a similar fall. that was probably the orginal source, these guys added some jazz and zardozi,

  4. This is terrible. Are there no repercussions to plagiarizing this blatantly? And to think that these thieves make millions by owning someone else’s hard work. What is the prestige of Lakme Fashion Week if this kind of behavior is encouraged? Saddens me to see this in this day and age


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