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After my initial reaction of shock at seeing the bust, I have to admit, the more I look at Poorna, the more I like this dress on her. But, I think I would have rather seen it on her in an editorial rather than in real life.

You like?

P.S. You’ve got to admit though, Poorna pulls it off way better than many could.

Left: Shivan & Narresh
Right: Poorna Jagannathan at Gucci’s Artisan Corner Event

Photo credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. The baby blue color makes it look more like an undergarment than a dress. Not liking the bust area design of this dress. She got the rest of it right.

  2. I dont get it. You guys hate on Vidya who is always so classy and well dressed. And yet you commend a dress that is little more than strategically placed tea coasters. What gives?

  3. I dont mind the revealing bust bcoz they arent boobing out ! Its sexy and its perfect for her ! Yup Pnp, no one can pull this dress the way she is doing !


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