Parineeti on L’Officiel:(Un)Covered

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The July cover of L’Officiel features Parineeti on the cover wearing a Felix Bandish belt as a neckpiece. You like?

Catch her in Pankaj and Nidhi inside.


Parineeti Chopra in Felix Bandish on L’Officiel July 2014


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  1. Where the hell is the rest of her cheeks? Whoever is on the cover looks like a mix of Soha & Reena ji. I love the hair in the second pic but they didnt’ have to keep the bangs flying on equal footage making it look like horns.

  2. Looks totally artificial…

    PS– P&P cant we post atleast three jokes in the current giveaway..pls :puppyeyes:
    PPS-i love telling PJs :P

  3. Just a pet peeve about the text on this cover:

    “Hotter and FITTER than ever.” K. She’s always been a hottie, let’s just get that clear.

    Now to the styling: Much nicer on the inside spread than the cover. The soft outfit would have been nicely accessorized with a smile though. :)

    The metal and harsh lighting on the cover reminds me too much of a gladiator-gone-tackily-wrong movie poster…let’s say if there ever was one. She’s

  4. Why Photoshop such a pretty face! Same has been done to her body on Women’s Health! Why cant they just let her be who & how she is! I love her totally for that!

  5. I’m not seeing what the fuss is all about with Parineeti and she is not convincing me with this cover either. On a side note, that is a pretty shade of lipstick.

  6. they have photoshopped her face to a ridiculous extent and now she looks like soha ali khan on a bad day. pity. she has such a pretty face.

  7. I hate it when they substitute “thin” (which is what they really want to say) with the more PC “FIT”. thin is not equal to fit. everyone knows that- as well as photoshopping half a persons body away does not make them any prettier/ hotter/ fitter- only THINNER.
    the pressure to be thin is astounding. overshadows all kinds of talent. i like Praineeti for her spunk- onscreen, admittedly. 5 KG more or less of her does not make a difference-

  8. I am not sure, I like this new parineeti…Hotter and fitter and more artifical and more customized to what others want her to look like..I preferred the spunky, spontaneous parineeti who had a unique individual charm about herself…All individuality is lost here…


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