In Ridhi Mehra

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At the audio launch of her next movie, Samantha was seen in a red Ridhi Mehra jacket and sharara set. We’ve mostly seen her wear her hair up and so this sighting of it worn down was a welcome change.

Even though am not a fan of mixing of metals, in this case the gold of the embroidery with the silver bangles, it really wasn’t quite a deal breaker. She looked nice.


Left: Samantha Prabu at Lovers Audio Launch
Right: Ridhi Mehra Jacket and Sharara ( Buy )

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  1. She looks fine, not her best look and not her worst either. Her face looks a tad bit oily in the first pic though. The black Pankaj & Nidhi dress was still my favorite outfit of hers in recent times. The hair & makeup were perfect in that look too.

    • According to a few on HHC, I am the stylist for her. So thank you. :P :D Oh well, now they may claim that I am using different names to applaud her look. *smh*


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