Fresh Off The Runway!

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Remember the jumpsuit? Now, you know who gets credit for it!


Left: Priyanka Chopra on ‘Oye! Its Friday’
Right: Deepika Gehani, Spring 2009

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. however ugly the print may be but the jumpsuit looks so much better on the model.. she carries it with so much ease… priyanka makes that look too formal :( it is again too well fitted (tight) on her..

  2. I actuallu like the jumpsuit on both of them. Beautiful Ladies. It’s a pleasant sight to see the jumpsuits as there has been too much Bling and Satin happening these days.

  3. It does look better on the model, though i suspect the camera angle does the trick. Jumpsuits always favour the tall, willowy frame and the model’s body does it best with that ghastly print (might pass off as resort wear, tho). Priyanka’s head does so resemble a bobblehead and that cowl neck (don’t you sometimes hate something just because of what it’s called?) does nothing for her. Next, please!

  4. it looks so hott on the model!!! she carries it off effortlessly! priyanka shouldnt have worn it formally (and i say formally cuz i see the sofa and the whole set. i dont knw what oye its friday is)

  5. It looks exactly like the bed cover/curtain from my beach hotel. Those guys charged me $$ for stealing their stuff. Now I know who is the real culprit here ….


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