Of Saris And Stage Outfits

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Considering stage outfits can get quite blingy, glad to see these two keep it simple. Got a favorite among the two?


Left: Katrina Kaif, Sabse Favorite Kaun Awards 2009
Right: Priyanka Chopra, ‘Chandni Chowk To China’ Concert

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. The white ice/silver accessories Kat has look good on her..and Piggy Chops’ golden hoops and bangles complement her saree too (the thin gold border pulls it together for her).

    Both are lovely!

    I have been frequenting your amazing website for over 1/2 a yr…keep the good stuff coming!

  2. i am soo loving this! they both look gorgeous. i can’t chose a favorite lol plus theyre both very similar. the glittery blouses are great with the plain pink!

  3. Katrina. She always looks great in a saree. Also, Priyanka’s saree hemline looks a little weird, maybe cause she’s moving?

    The one main factor that made me choose Katriana is that she has half of her right boob covered with the drape of the Saree.

    I absolutely hate it the new style of draping with one the pallu hanging below one breast. It only works sometimes with perfectly, amazingly pleated pallus.

  4. okay this is the part I don’t like about being an actress in bollywood, wearing funny stuff and shaking urself to the bum bum for others to watch and enjoy how cheap

  5. P&P.. are you saying that you feel that stage outfits should not be blingy? Or that if they were blingy you would be disappointed? Just curious.. What would you recommend for a performer to wear like are these two girls the ideal for what you feel most performers should wear rather than say Bipasha’s blinged out purple lengha? I just feel like sometimes it is ok to be “blingy” and I feel like your blog is unnecessarily against it at times..

  6. N i think the trend for not having the pallu cover the entire chest is because if you wear it like this.. the back can be totally flat and not have that side coming up. I think it only looks ok if you have a blingy sari blouse like Kats…Priyanka’s fit for the blouse doesn’t look great. P&P I’m not saying that you said nething wrong.. I do agree that these girls look great.. but was just wondering if you felt that most performers should be dressed like them or if it was just a refreshing change but you still understand the need for blingy stage outfits. I think Kat’s colour looks better for a perfomance. Priyanka looks washed out.

  7. Sharin,
    Stage outfits have to be all out. It is a necessary evil. Else, the back rows won’t even be able to make out the person on stage. Just surprised that these two wore sari’s that are so simple considering they are on stage….


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