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There’s a lot Nimrat can make work, this sari however isn’t one of them. A maang-tikka and red lip finished out her look in the Vikram Phadnis white and gold embellished net sari but truth be told, the red seemed much too harsh and the sari, well… Tacktastic. Bummer!


Nimrat Kaur At IIFA Awards 2014

Photo Credit: Twitter

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  1. Vikram Phadnis creates tackiest outfits. No idea why celebs choose to wear his designs which are almost hideous most of the time. Nimrat had such a good run, this is a disaster.

  2. I am sari but this is sarong! And frankly maang tikas should be reserved only for weddings. Yes, there’s a change in red/green (eye roll at green) carpet style but some of our celebs still think dressing up can only mean wedding style. Rather unexpected from nimrat.

  3. Whats with the tacky make up everyone is sporting at iifa. Major gripe with bright lipstick. Make up is supposed to make one look better here it is just accomplishing the opposite.

  4. I don’t find it all that bad considering how much sparkle and shiny stuff the rest of the celebrities are wearing.. she has given it an edge by way of the maang tikka and does something different with the look..nothing to really hate.. i like it!


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