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Niamat picked an embellished Matthew Williamson dress for her appearance at the Grey Goose Awards evening. Wearing her hair up, she finished out the look with a pink lip, emerald earrings, black clutch and strappy sandals.

While the dress itself worked on the socialite, the camera flashes sure played spoilsport. Also, wearing her hair in a sleek knot or ponytail might have been the better route to take. While it makes for a great change, the puffy updo didn’t quite work with the dress in question.


Left: Niamat Bakshi At Grey Goose Fly Beyond Awards
Right: Matthew Williamson Abstract Dress

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. A dead ringer for Queenie Singh!! The resemblance is striking. Why oh why does Mrs. Bakshi insist on those awful colored lenses, cakey makeup and standard issue-lips slightly parted look? Sigh….

  2. The dress is better then her last one but she looks really old with this up-do. Same age group as kalyani. And the dress is busy enough without the strappy shoe. Makeup better then her last halloween disaster. But I agree with earlier comments so bored of seeing this lady every day almost.


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