With or Without?

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Who works the tunic and leggings better? Deepika in print or Nethra in solid.

Deepika, ‘Bachna Ae Haseeno’ Screening
Nethra, ‘Mamma Mia’ Premiere

Update: Switched WM image.
Another Update: Overwrote post! Corrected!

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  1. Nethra looks better than Deepika. That being said, Nethra would probably look better if she ditched the legging altogether on this outfit and put on some nice sandals. I like her choice of jewelry to go with the outfit.

    What’s the bag? Doesn’t the ring on the side poke into an arm/boob and hurt?

  2. neither.. wondering why Nethra chose those sandals.. i dont understand why these women carry large bags to these events..Since they dont have any stuff in them, and anyway carry their cell phones in the hand, the bags look flat and weird.

  3. Personally, I would prefer doing a printed tunic with leggings (over a satin tunic.. uggh) anyday…. but this cabbage patch defnitely doesn’t work :S

  4. Deepika man… not sure how I feel about a satin tunic?? and the old school necklace layering going on… that kind of neck line (or lack there of) shouldn’t be hidden.

  5. can sumone make me undrstnd the fact dt WHY do the Thai gals luk sooo gud on anythng nd everythng..i mean jus take ds tunic as an example…any of the Thai gal wud hv carried it beautifully….wt is it?? is it because of their confident wlkin style..or their figure/structure.?? wt is it..nd smtyms y all dz holly-bollywood stars end up carryin even the most flattering dress soo awefully..???


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