In Twos

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Two parties at Manish Malhotra’s house saw Natasha in two very dressed up looks and while individually every piece was interesting, all worn together was a bit much for our senses.

She is wearing Saint Laurent playsuit and thigh-high boots in the top pic and Off White/Jimmy Choo sandals in the second one. The Off Whites with those plastic covers are sure to draw some humorous comments as they did from Shilpa. (ICYMI, she said they were perfect for Mumbai Monsoons! :P)

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  1. ? .. it’s mid 80 .. the dress itself is long sleeves and some itchy material to top it off blazer, leather ? I am ? just ? at her.

    • So correct.. she’s sometimes a try hard, way more than Sonam.. there’s no fashion risks here, more like seeking attention.

  2. The commentary in this post should just stop at DUMB. There is absolutely nothing that can be said to describe this tomfoolery of an outfit in Mumbai heat.

  3. Oh, my! What in the name of God is that first outfit?? Those boots and those pantyhose and that belt! What was she even thinking?! The second look is totally clownish. She needs to really invest in a pair of glasses and a full-length mirror.

  4. The only separate piece that I like is the sparkly jacket in the second piece. I’d wear it for any season, over a simple ensemble, for that dash of fun. I’m amused by those Choos. It is definitely fun to wear such a pair in a party where it will be a conversation topic. Can’t imagine her walking down any street in Mumbai in the monsoon so guys let’s not talk about how practical it is for her. She’s never more than ten seconds away from a chauffeured car, I’m sure!

    The first outfit is one of the worst outfits I’ve seen her wear. It just looks so unnecessarily complicated, overly thought out, which is all fine coz all celebs do that, but the result is so lacklustre. Those boots look like tree stumps, and whatever lightness she planned to contrast with the play suit is made heavier with that blazer. And that belt looks like she saw it right before she left her dressing room and just added it because ‘ooooh it matches my boots!’


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