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Designer Nandita Mahtani attended the Rajasthan Royals Bash in a Torre Print Pucci dress, pairing it with a Chanel chain belt and a Balenciaga clutch.

We think she could have done without the belt as the dress itself was so cute!

You like?

P.S. Nandita is wearing a colored variation of the print.


Left: Nandita Mahtani at the Rajasthan Royals Bash
Right: Emilio Pucci Torre Print Jersey Dress

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. thats such a cute dress! and yummy clutch! my friends and i were just talking about it today! only talking happened ofcourse.. buying will take afew years..
    i wish she wore better shoes though!

  2. there’s too much going on, esp with the mixed colors to top it all off.

    why does she always look like she has a major attitude? those pursed lips.

  3. no comment on her outfit but her HAIR is what irks me EVERY TIME.. she can afford chanel, pucci & balenciaga but not a decent hair stylist?

  4. I have visited her store in mumbai and her clothes are pretty nice. I like the dress, minus the belt, do not care for the shoes either, somehow shoes that tie around the ankle do not work for me, they break the flow.

  5. I love Pucci…and she looks good in this dress.

    The overall look could be younger/flirtier/more playful and in sync w Pucci’s prints if she wore the dress w/o the belt, hair pulled back in a ponytail & sandals w a bit more edge to it (tending towards gladiators than the spare design here).
    Though she seems to rarely favor prints, I can see Freida wear Pucci well (I know there is FP overload..but since she is the flavor of the moment…couldn’t resist!).

  6. Somehow, i just can’t bring myself to like Nandita Mahtani because there seems nothing natural about her. Too artificially tanned, over-streaked hair, perpetually stiff upper-lip. She seems primmed and polished to within an inch of her life so there’s nothing fresh left about her. All garmens look like they’ve been hung on her.. she adds no life to any outfit.


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