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Spotted on designer Nandita Mahtani, the Choo Saba large hobo in snakeskin that costs a whopping $3,795.00 for the large and $3395 for the medium.

Don’t get me wrong but I love when snakeskin is done right but this pattern has nothing exotic about it and is more towards the boring side. I’ll take Neelam’s simple Chanel tote over this any day! You?


Left: Nandita Mahtani at Lakme Fashion Week Tryouts
Right: Jimmy Choo Karung and Elaphe Snake Handbag

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I do like the Saba. Price is all relative – I just saw a chanel bag for $35,000. The other bag is very structured and I like those on older people or for formal occasions. Not a big fan of Ms. Mahtani but Saba is pretty cool.

  2. Neha,
    For that price, it better be! ;)

    The plain Saba actually makes for a comfortable everyday bag. This one is just too hideous for moi especially when you take this price tag into account.

  3. whatever.. that bag isnt her’s. everything she owns should be returned to the original designers from who she copies! i hate unethical people. especially those who do it on a platform! the nerve she must have…

  4. The bag looks used and old. I’d definitely NEVER spend almost $4000 on a bag! That’s just absurd. Do you really think these people spend this kind of money on bags or they get them for free from the companies?? By the way, I absolutely hate thew white highlights..

  5. a good case to prove that expensive things won’t necessarly make you look hot or fashionable or expensive, if I saw her in a mall looking like this I would assume she is just another girl who just left work and is about to go home, I dont see anything WOW about what she is wearing or her bag, you can look better by shopping at H&M any day if you have sense of style


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