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Namrata has been favoring a certain kind of outfit lately. And having seen her do the design both in it’s dressed-up and dressed-down avatar, we have to say, we loved the lehariya one. The border works perfectly with the outfit. Our only gripe would be that crochet/lace detail at the bust which seemed like a design after-thought. Despite it, the lehariya came out on top for us. For you?

Namrata Shirodkar at Dookudu Audi Launch & Awareness Event

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. not liking any.. such a pretty face.. if only see can apply a lil fresh makeup and wear something more youthful..
    not these granny dresses which actually looks like old nighties..

  2. “favoring a certain kind of outfit lately” errr..guys, what kinda outfit is this exactly? churidaar/overlong top, overlong kameez/no bottom or maxi dress?

  3. i dont get it.

    her makeup in the pink outfit is rubbish. celebs get trashed by you two for much better makeup. her face is orange there.

    both the kameezes are ridiculous. the shoes are ugly.

    are you two friends with shirodkar or something?

  4. What the heck is she doing – tent dresses that are overlong, no makeup…. Last time I looked, she was one stunning lady! What happened????

  5. Wow, was she the Miss India once? gosh, what a beautiful woman, and what ghastly fashion choices!!! what happened to something called “personal style” even if she chooses not to go with the current fashion? *face palm*


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