Minissha In FHM: Decoded

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Spotted Ms. Lamba in some FCUK dresses for her shoot in the latest issue of FHM magazine…

Meh shoot, Meh outfits… neck-up though, Minissha looks great.

You can catch rest of the pictures from the shoot Here.

fhm-april-minissha lamba-fcuk dress

Minissha Lamba, FHM Apr 2010

fhm-april-minissha lamba-fcuk dress-1

Left: FCUK Ribbon Dress
Right: FCUK Party Flared Dress

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  1. So the A-listers get Valentino, Armani stuff for their photoshoots, and Minissha gets FCUK. The dresses really look kinda tacky for a photo spread, more appropriate for casual wear.

  2. bandage dresses should not be worn by anyone else then skinny women, here’s the proof! The dress makes her look bigger than she is!

    • Oh, c’mon! Enough with the body policing already. No harm in not looking like a “normal woman” and not a skinny giraffe.

      Btw, am checking this blog out at work, and showed this pic to two of my male colleagues and both think she looks hot.

  3. I am probably just prejudiced against her but somehow she never works any look for me. She gives me the I-am-not-comfortable-in-my-skin vibe.

  4. Honestly, I think the clothes don’t matter at all in thir case, I mean, it is an FHM shoot and personally I wouldn’t give two hoots about what she was wearing.

    • we’re not meant to like it. (as in, us girls are not meant to like it). the pictures are designed to get guys all worked up. not sure why these pics should be posted on a fashion site.

  5. I like the fact that she is not skinny but looks a healthy person.
    and bandage dress ( i dnt agree with dewaani here )
    is looks great on her as she is not flabby.

  6. the original herve leger bandage dress would have been more flattering as it’s designed to be flattering towards curves. this one has a different design so it can’t look anywhere as nice on the wearer as the original. having said that, she does look great neck up.


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