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Spotted Manasi with the Jimmy Choo Saba shoulder bag in a white version.

Why did Manasi have to ‘OD’ on the white and ruin the whole look? We have no clue!

Manasi Scott, ‘Righteous Kill’ Premiere

Jimmy Choo ‘Saba’ Shoulder Bag
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Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. So do these oft photographed women really BUY the bags? No is the answer for many of them. There are plenty that use bagborroworsteal

    Not exactly THIER bags you know!

  2. drooooooooooooooooool. i lovvvvvvvvvve the brown version of the bag. the white one – not so much. but i love the turquoise neckpiece mansi is wearing. it’s sooo cool. P and P, do u know whr i can get similar stuff?

  3. Yeah, I’m wondering the same – WHO IS SHE? I’ve seen you guys post her pictures pretty frequently. Well, whoever she is, I like her haha. :) Very sophisticatedl and pretty.

    Oh and I love the bag! In brown that is!

  4. hey thats an Indian Art Karat design but knowing how big Manasi is here those turquoise are probabably set of with real diamonds and black onyx..bag is so so..and soooooo real coz she’s doingg shows here almost every day kiran..but i prefer the zebra stripe saba

  5. love the way she put the look together..she’s abviusly a huge jimmy choo fan…shoes and bags right? where’s the neck piece from…looooooooove are the latest louis vuitton right?

  6. top too long, weird bots, pretty face. Are you going to spend a day at the beach with your Jimmy Choo and jean tights mansi? Nice bag though.

  7. she’s like the official bag and shoes lady right? i like her..prefer the zebra saba though even with this outfit…but she’s pretty..she’s the singer and zoom host right?


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