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Malavika attended the Times Auto Awards wearing a Biljana Tipsarevic pant suit with beige pumps. Personally, I don’t like pants being so snug, that the pocket outlines starts showing but it is a personal gripe. She did look nice in the pale pink suit.

Malavika Mohanan

Photo Credit: Facebook

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    • Woah, that’s a pretty awful suit. It makes this lady look a lot larger than she actually she. The trousers are badly fitted and the massive studs/buttons on them are ugly and unnecessary

    • They’ve tagged her name in the post and there is a fantastic new resource called Google that you can use. PnP aren’t obligated to only cover people you already know about.

  1. If you wear pants this snug, aren’t you in perennial danger of a ripped seam when you sit? Or is the lycra so good that it sits and fits this way – spandex like!
    Blush pink is all the rage and the color is nice. but is that bronzer on her decolletage?

  2. Celebrities (and stylists) really need to start taking it more easy with makeup, looks, all that jazz. They don’t know it (I think?) but they are far more judged for overdoing it than being underwhelming. It’s reached a point where these people don’t even look human half the time.

  3. Why these pathetic international creations, when she could use one of the famous (read notorious) Indian names for such horrendous clothes? Atleast she would be able to return the clothes easily!


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