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Over the weekend, Sindhu attended the Ambani reception wearing Dolly J. Big earrings and a cocktail ring aside, she rounded out the look with a clutch by The Little Shop. Like the look on her?

P.V Sindhu

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. And the prettiest, sanest, most real and classiest girl at the Ambani Bash was PV Sindhu.
    And she resembles Deepika here!

  2. Wow! She looks beautiful and the dress is really pretty. I like this, its fancy without being too over the top. Perfect wedding guest attire.

    Bollywood actresses need to take note.It’s not THEIR wedding.

  3. So gorgeous cant stop looking. Don’t remember when we last had in India a talented sportswoman with a fantastic sense of fashion… Hoping P&P can cover more of her (and less of Aishwarya Rai).

    • Would like to clarify, in case people start thinking I am insulting sportswomen (whom I have utmost respect for).. I only meant that majority of fashion and fashion related visibility is restricted to Bollywood and ultra rich business magnates. It’s nice to see some diversity. Scientists, sportswomen, journalists can sometimes also be really into fashion and should get more coverage (esp in India).

  4. On reading the comments here I feel like people don’t objectively judge outfits here. If this was an actress this outfit would have been gawdy and blingy. But since it’s a person whose work is admired, people tend to go soft. Same for Sonali’s outfit, which was pretty bad, but since she is ill, they cannot dissociate that from fashion. Whereas if Priyanka Chopra wears an outfit that has a generous neckline…. people delve into arguments about ‘offensive to our culture’.

    P+P is it still fun for you to manage your blog? I get pretty riled up reading some of the comments here:) they betray such regressive thinking and mean attitudes.

    • I agree with you. When i first saw the outfit, it was like another horrid blingy volumy anarkali. Only the colours and lack of unnecessary jewelry keeps this from becoming OTT. Still not something i would wear for anyone else’s wedding unless its my own sister’s!

      • So true! I thought this dress was pretty blingy too! She’s dressed just like any of the actresses… She’s looking good but not much different from the rest… Of course she’s not showing unnecessary cleavage so bonus points there..

    • You said it! I have been following HHC for the past decade and the comments have progressively become more and more vile. Sometimes the language of the comment is far far cheaper than the actual fashion sense. However it is the bane of the social media that one can put out the meanest of comments in the safe zone of anonymity. Also it is easy to critique anything when you don’t get judged in return on whether you practice what you preach!

      • +1 HHC’s comment section used to have some really interesting discussion on fashion earlier. Now it’s just – wear what’s our idea of well dressed or you are tacky kind of comments.

    • Completely agree with the bit about regressive comments. And what is it these days with the judgemental muck every time there is someone wearing a mini or showing cleavage? Some of it is practically slut shaming without specifically using certain terms. And can we stop using “tacky” especially while referring to people?

    • Ha, my thoughts exactly. Dress-wise, it joins the rest of the bling parade. But her non-posing/pouting makes the whole “look” refreshing which appeals to people I suppose. To me personally, the look was very bollywood-y and styled and not in a good way.
      About the comments on the blog bit: The line between being judgemental towards a person vs. towards what they have worn in a picture and how they look in it is very very thin. Many of the clothes featured here become part of the person’s identity because that is the first time they are seen by most readers (myself included) save for those who follow the designers/label’s IG. While I agree this blog is for fashion and must not be confused with judgement on the people or their choices itself, it is easy to see why the emotions get mixed up. I loathe regressive comments myself but I am not surprised to find them here. For e.g. if Priyanka Chopra bares her cleavage everytime, and picks a certain type of clothes, due to the frequency of her posts and her fashion choices, there are conclusions one tends to draw about her notion of fashion. Similarly, knowing what Sonali Bendre has gone through, it is hard to also judge her for her clothes. We tend to believe we “know” these (celebrities) people. If you had a blog showing unknown leggy ramp models in the same clothes, I believe the comments would be more neutral and centered towards fashion alone. Seeing celebrities repeatedly on the blog/social media is what gives a sense of “attachment”, however false it may be.
      Long long post and if you are still here reading this: TLDR: Regressive comments are a plague to society and I think PnP are doing a great job of keeping the comments fairly non-controversial. One must also acknowledge the gradual slide of bollywood fashion to being very routine, dominated by a few designers and extremely styled for scoring eyeballs only. It wasn’t the case a few years ago.

  5. Here’s one of the fittest young women in India, dressed without any need whatsoever to show her abs/cleavage/legs. Dressed to suit the occasion: another person’s wedding. Big lesson here for all those look-at-me fashionistas.

  6. How gorgeous does she look!!!! What an rounder this woman is. If she, who’s not even in the glamour business can get it so right none of these ridiculously dresses Bollywood actresses have an excuse.


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