Letters: Bebe, Of Course!

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Malaika wore this lovely dress, probably in Lame at the Dhoom Machade Finals. I really doubt if its by an Indian designer… any clue gals at where this dress could be from ?



The dress worn by Malaika was a Bebe! (What a surprise! ) Below is a modified version of the same dress…

malaika_gold.jpg bebe_gold1.jpg


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  1. Aah the things we wear in the name of fashion…Mallu is sooo beautiful and soooo photographed….but must admit…not her best pic tho…horrible clumpy shoes. Need to be tall for a pair like that

  2. okay what is up with the model’s pose? it looks like some college girl striking a pose in a inebriated state

    malaika as usual looks skanky…

  3. I know Malaika has some awesome curves but why does she HAVE to flaunt them everytime, everywhere, every occasion? Can’t she be a little more subtle? her curves are like Mallika Sherawat’s cleavage…overexposed!

  4. Malaika’s version looks passable – but what an earth is the girl doing in the second picture- the dress if you can call it that looks like it has been spray painted on and she just looks skanky!

  5. whats with the shoes???? ugggghhhh…i’m telling you guys the new fashionista that we should all promote is mansi scott. she’s s singer, sctor, mc, so much talented..or even preity zinta..ultra fashionable and i want to see mansi and deepika padukone as sisters in a film


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