Changing It Up

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After a few appearances in the same old “blazer and denims” , it was nice to see Aishwarya change it up a little by wearing a Chanel bouclé jacket with denims and Cavalli sandals for a press conference in Toronto.

But, isn’t it warm in Toronto now?

Above: “Unforgettable Tour” Press Conference, Toronto
Below Left: “Unforgettable Tour” Press Conference, Mumbai
Below Right: “Sarkar Raj” Press Conference, Hyderabad
aishwarya_blazer.JPG aishwarya_hyd.jpg

Edit: Swapped pics

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  1. after staying in Toronto for nearly two years, I know one thing for sure that you can never trust the weather in this city…..em lurvin da jacket, the texture tho a bit old is still lukn fresh n pretty

  2. she looks really thin in the 1st photo..guess becoz of the illness and also perhaps coz of all the rehearsals they might hv been doing for their tour

  3. Poor thing looks tired but it will all be worth it. I cannot wait for the concert. It will be highlight of my summer!!! I’m gonna take ur man, Aish! =)

  4. it is such a pity that someone as beautiful as she is lacks any form of fashion sense. her outfits in all three pictures are nothing remarkable. granted, they are not ugly, but being blah just won’t cut it for someone like aishwarya. she needs to try harder.

  5. She looks Gorgeous :) (except for those FUGLY jeans)
    Ash is lucky because she has such a gorgeous face that the eye (my eye anyways) is drawn more towards that than anything she wears
    those colors really suit her too, and I’ve always personally thought she looked better when she is on the slim side

  6. I am sure most of us here want to dress her and make her look amazing in terms of fashion. Queen of why oh why, you have almost everything, and yet you always fail in just putting simple things together and make it work. You get your lines right in movies, dance with the rhythm, fashion is no rocket science, or is it, for u? Anyway, I have stopped expecting from her, still a part of me wants to see her surprise us. Goodluck with the tour.

  7. She IS looking tired in the first pic. P&P you are right, she does look good in the first pic ensemble than the other two. But I somehow don’t like the jeans. The fit and the shoes don’t work together!!

  8. Ash looks so cute..i love her outfit and i hope she keeps on dressing like she always has and wears whatever SHE wants because she will look gorgeous and elegant in anything anyway

    i also loved how stunning she looked at the airport in toronto..

  9. looks good i reckon.
    and also, she’s from mumbai, so i guess even the “warm” temperatures seem a bit cold to her…

    and hey, if she likes flares…let her wear them, much better than wearing fashion just for the sake of it.

    oh my…i think this site has made me into an Aish supporter…i soooo wasn’t in this camp a couple of months ago! loL

    P&P…what have you done to me?? hehe

  10. The bottom part of her body looks boyish. That is her problem. She does’nt look very good when she puts on weight but looses her curves when she looses it. The jacket looks good and different.

  11. Boot-cut is one thing…but a wide flare is something else….

    This outfit would have LOOKED great had she paired the Boucle jacket with skinny or stove pipe jeans (she is slim so she can carry those well)..and a maybe worn a long necklace, nah?

  12. Those blazers are so bleh! The jacket is better. But I’ve never liked her (non existent) sense of dressing. And I hate her voice and her annoying giggle( looks sooooooooo fake). Sorry for disgressing from the topic(*sheepish grin*), but couldnt help.

  13. so i personally do not like very short tops or jackets on flared jeans – the proportions dont seem to balance out very well – also, her shoes seem too closed, I think pumps or other pointy toe shoes would have worked better – Ash is beginning to look the same all the time – she looks gorgeous all the time, but i wish she would change her hair style sometimes, put it back in a loose bun, pin it back for some fun etc… after wedding, she looks like she’s taking herself and her “bahu” role a bit too seriously


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