Like Mother, Like Daughter!

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Looking at these two reminds me of how I always borrowed stuff from Mum, except I never returned it! ;)

Sunita Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor

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  1. sonam cute but her good girl act is a bit fake as we saw from her party pictures. if i was ranbir i’d have picked her over deepika

  2. oh good girls party too you know :P she is looking absolutely cute!! mommy and beti!! same same!!

    ranbir’s loss.

    btw…he wore pink to zee cine. is pink fashionable for boys these days?? a post maybe on that??

  3. ditto…if i were ranbir i’d pick her too and i thought they were together….until he found deepika…oh well. gorgous kurta from Anuradha Vakil. more than the kurta what caught my attention was the gorgous Necklace and ear rings that Sunita is wearing!!

    Priyanka Payal, can you guys please share info about where we can buy such beautiful necklaces that take my breath away? :) thank you. i’ve checked out art karat but they don’t have anything close to the one sunita’s wearing.

  4. i’m soo surprised tht anil kapoor’s wife is soo gorgeous. she does not look like a 20 yrs old mother. sonam’s parents are so good looking n has the fountain of youth at their house..haha. we all know how sonam will look when she is older.

    i love the color combo of red n blue – there is something so fresh and yet regal about ’em.

    ps: nothing of my mom fits me. =)

  5. Theres one more thing about this dress…the same dress was actually worn by Deepika years back in Anuradha Vakil’s 2003 Lakme Fashion week collection…I am not quite sure what year it was but yes people, its quite ironic!

  6. i love sonam….she is sooo cute..
    and her mother is gorgeous…i mean
    hr sisi n bro r also tooo gud luking..
    all in all the whole family including AK my aunts fav. are gooooooooooood maha good luking…love u..
    ur bro harsh is handsome n rhea is beautiful not mor than u…imean no one is


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