In Nachiket Barve

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At Singh Is Bling promotions in Delhi, Lara was seen in an embroidered Nachiket Barve jacket, one that she wore with a black tank and pants. I think we can all agree that there was nothing to complain about here. :P

She looked chic.


Lara Dutta at Singh Is Bling Promotions

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  1. Wow! She looks amazing. There is something so affable and electrifying about this woman – it doesn’t really matter what she wears, she always looks amazing.

  2. A noisy B&W pattern, something about the way she is sitting in the center picture makes her look like a high school principal at a PTA meeting :P
    Smiling at a influential parent saying on the mike ” dont have to go for a school bond, I will pay for computers for all kids ” Just kidding!!! :)


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