Deepika & Ranveer on Vogue:(Un)Covered

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Wearing Dior, Deepika and Ranveer grace the Oct cover of Vogue India which also marks its 8th year in circulation.

Given their chemistry, these two hardly need striking clothes, but have to admit the printed bodysuit worked really great on the cover. Those traditional Sabyasachi for Kishandas & Co earrings though, seemed rather out of place.


Left and Right: Dior Homme & Dior, Fall 2015
Center: Deepika & Ranveer in Dior on Vogue Oct 2015

Styling: Anaita Shroff Adajania
Hair (Deepika): Gabriel Georgiou
Makeup (Deepika): Anil Chinnappa
Makeup (Ranveer): Mahadev Naik

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  1. LOVE the body suit, she has the curvaceous slender body to flaunt, so its great!!!
    Fully agree on the earrings, the dress is too loud for the gorgeous earrings to ever be noticed

    I may be part of a minority but I feel Deepika and Ranveer have ZERO chemistry, ZILCH, NADA.
    He is always caricature-ish with his expressions, clothes (polka dotted pants) and attitude (nothing manly or sexy or intense except for the hairy face), she is simply too gorgeous and elegant.
    FYI The following jodis have chemistry:


    These two are just blah! as a jodi….

  2. Holy! Hahah thats a bodysuit? I thought it was a dress when I first saw it! I’m glad she’s posing this way then in that case ;) I think the earrings go perfectly well with the outfit (when imagined as a dress and not a bodysuit!)

    Ranger could have looked better but then it doesnt really matter when Deepika is in the frame does it? All eyes are on her!

  3. That’s a hideous bodysuit, and awkward pose. Ranveer looks anything but good with the weird mustache/beard/whatever is going on there.

  4. Love these two together. He’s a cheerful person by nature and I’m sure fun to be around. His clothes definitely reflect his personality. Deepika could have donned different earrings, but the bodysuit looks fantastic on her.

    • Hahaha…I noticed after you pointed out. It looks eerie. And those letters around her bum…eww. Annoying Ranveer and on top of it that intimate pose…ugh!!!


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