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Lakshmi may not have come close to Anne Hathaway’s sevenwardrobe changes from the 2011 Oscars show (and that’s excluding her red Valentino on the red carpet) but it was still respectable.

Question is, which look of hers to you prefer? Our vote goes to the red lehenga look.

Lakshmi Manchu Hosting at Big Telugu Movie Awards 2011

Lakshmi Manchu Hosting at Big Telugu Movie Awards 2011

Photo Credit: Ragalahari

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  1. Here is a person with everything material be they clothing or accessories, yet she ruins the whole look. This is where the wearer makes the difference. You can ruin a perfectly good look if you do not have that special attitude, that special something. In all fairness, that red lehenga is great, but she does nothing. The rest of the outfits, ho hum, but someone else could have made them sing.

  2. I like the saree look better than the others (minus the hair and the blouse could have been different).. sorry but the red lehenga is looking so ott for me .. not my taste ..


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