In Malini Ramani

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Ms. Zinta was spotted on GWR Ab India Todega sets wearing a Malini Ramani. We can’t quite figure out what it (the outfit) is but Preity sure adds a new twist to “parde ke peeche kaya hai?”!

Don’t get the joke, well, you’ll have to look inside to quite get it.

Preity Zinta at Guiness World Records Sets

Do, you like us, wish Preity had worn the runway version with the buttons down to the thigh and without the denims? :P

Left: Malini Ramani, Summer Resort 2010
Right: Preity Zinta on Guiness World Records Shooting

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. LoL !! OMG !! ROFL !! Kadavale !!

    I actually liked that outer layer until I saw what was inside !!

    Is that what it was intended for ? to be worn with jeans ?

  2. I actually think she looks pretty good – surprisingly! I have 2 salwars in the same colour combinations as the 2 versions of the Malini Ramani. I kind of wish Priety had worn that runway version though. I like the colour combination more. Now I want one for myself!

  3. This is the problem with designer clothes, they always look good on skinny models, even if it looks like crap outside the runway. Preity always dresses great, but this outfit coupled with jeans just spells disaster. I think she wore it and realized she needs to wear a set of pants underneath – so she put on her regular jeans!

    • She probably had it altered because she wouldnt have to put the jeans on if the buttons were still there to ensure the closure (The model’s has a set of buttons running down)

  4. i think she cud have worn a long skirt ….maybe in a contrastin color to make the outfit stand out….i like the runway version heaps better…..wht the hey —outfit from Preity …..

  5. am guessing this was called for as part of the show. i can’t imagine why anyone’d want to host an activity show in that outfit… am hoping she whips off the skirt at some point in a dramatic ‘let-the-show-begin’ moment!

  6. damn she cdve worn dark pink shiny churidars .. that wdve added the bling to the dull outfit ..never expected this from preity .Fire the stylist ..

  7. Not sure if you guys are aware, but the posts are showing up in their entirety in my reader.
    I know that makes my job easier, but not sure if it will do you guys and your business model too much good!!!

  8. Ewww.. wat the heck is that !??
    I saw the pics on the main page of the blog and thought “wow this reminds me of those beautiful summery lucknow kurtis .” u know ! … but this is such a disapointment.. wonder y u guys did not tag it under wtheyy…

  9. I think you guys just spared her from being awarded a WTHYYYYY on the basis of her really good track record…. otherwise this surly is one BIG wthyyyy


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