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It was secretary chic for Ms. Rao at the launch of an upcoming movie. I love this look on her. However, I do wish she had chosen a different statement necklace over this more traditional one (or skipped it altogether)!

On an aside, I so want to see the vintage inspired Prada glasses on her. Can’t think of anyone better to pull ’em off! :)

Kiran Rao At Double Dhamaal Launch

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. How is this a “Little” BD? It falls at an awkward length. Those shoes are pretty fugly save for the color. Those disney world kiddie glasses? arrrgh! The only thing i like is that necklace which doesn’t suit the dress.

  2. This is bordering WTHey for me! Boring dress thats too long. In-appropriate necklace. The sun-glasses don’t gel on her. And the shoes seem to be thrown in at the last second. She might dress quirky (and kitschy) at times – but there is nothing positive about this attempt.

    PnP – What is chic about this? (serious, non-sarcastic question and an attempt to understand what others are seeing what I clearly fail to see)

  3. SO…I think I just dont get her sense of fashion…coz Ive never liked anything that she wears…ever….looks odd and awkward and really drab….

  4. I fail to understand what’s “CHIC” abt her…???ok, i get it, she is Aamir khan’s wife…so…???guess tht’s make her “CHIC n STYLIST”…this woman has no fashion sense…n yes what’s with these fugly glasses…??Gimme a brk P&P..

    • Exactly! A heinous crime to cut off THE Aamir Khan! It’s true that if he wasn’t cut off, nobody would be bothered to critique Ms.rao’s appearance. We’d just be happy looking at Aamir!

  5. I like her quirky sense of fashion too. I like that she paired it with ethnic indian jewelry (thats where the quirkyness is, pearls or something would have been too boring). BUT wish she had chosen a different piece of traditional jewelry. This doesnt go with the dress.

  6. Prada or not, those sunglasses are a catastrophe. They are reminiscent of the villain from “Who framed Roger Rabbit”, and will give me similar nightmares. I was trying to visualize her with different hair but it’s just as hopeless. All right, I like the color of the frame. The rest of the outfit is good. Way to wear a statement accessory (the necklace of course!!!). But it’s really hard to get past the sunglasses.

  7. she’s looking toned here. good for her!

    hate the sunglasses. idiotic.

    the dress is too long.

    guess the launching of her movie was a casual affair.

  8. to wear an Indian peice with western severe garment, is soooo IN. Having said that, its gone horribly wrong here, becos the neck comes in the way.

  9. It looks like she tries too hard to have that eclectic look and fails miserably at it. the glasses are ridiculous, you could not pay me to wear that. The necklace is lovely but totally misplaced here. Shoes=fugly!

  10. I like it save for the sunglasses. I love that she goes the quirky route, but the sunglasses are not the right quirky.
    Do like what the dress is doing to her figure.


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