Now You See It, Now You Don’t

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Ms. Arora was chosen as a celebrity guest to showcase the $1.3 million bustier by Orra in Delhi today. Instead of wearing it the way it was presented on the runway in Mumbai (with a lehenga), Malaika went a different route pairing the bustier with a peachy/pink sari which we quite liked. The bustier wasn’t too in your face nor did it get lost with the sari. (We wouldn’t want another January Jones’ Emmy 2010 fiasco happening where her $1.2 million Cartier earrings couldn’t be seen!)

Left: Orra Fashion Show, Mumbai
Right: Malaika Arora Showcases the $1.3 Million Orra Bustier

Malaika Arora Showcases the $1.3 Million Orra Bustier

January Jones at 2010 Emy Awards

Photo Credit: daylife

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  1. I love her diamond bangles… love the sari, and from what I can see of her earrings, I think I love those too. LOL, this is the best look from Ms Arora so far this year, disregarding her pose.

  2. HAHAHA! The pose in the 3rd pic is cracking me up. She could’ve done the “chaiya chaiya” bit.:D I don’t like the bustier maybe it doesn’t get photographed well.

  3. honestly the bustier was the first thing that caught my attention.. the saree is lovely ..she looks very elegant and im sick of these one boob show comments…grossss!!! whats wrong if the pallu is not draped on the other boob!

  4. pretty saree indeed… the poses might not be that great, but she is definitely carrying the look well… me likes :) … i think had she been showcasing the bustier like the model, it would have looked gross… (and i am not saying there is anything wrong with the model’s way of wearing it)


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