In Threes

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At a recent promotional event for a denim company that Kangna endorses, she made an appearance in a jersey top and denims paired with sky high pumps. At another sighting, she arrived for her upcoming movie’s launch again in a pair of denims and flats before changing into a military inspired look (very Burberry Prorsum Fall 2010) for the actual launch itself.

That’s three different looks… which was your favorite?

Kangna Ranaut
Far Left, Left: At Lawman Jeans Event
Right, Far Right: At Double Dhamaal Launch

Kangna Ranaut At Double Dhamaal Launch

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Kangana has the potential to pretty much rock anything and everything you put her in! You could put her in a sack and she’d even make that look stylish with her attitude. Love all three looks!

    • Yea I feel like she looks good in anything almost… those green outfits were meh….
      I love her look in the first pic, she’s got so much attitude, you need that these days to get ahead!
      I love how her hair is different in all the pics, all the styles suit her.

  2. Those denims are FUGLY! The first one i a serious WTHey with the bra outlined. Ewww . The last look is okay in comparison to the other two but still its kind of mismatched.

  3. Oh my! how lovely she looks! Can’t believe how short her hair gets when curled up.. and how long it looks straightened… i like all three outfits… but the first one is my favourite!

  4. It’s so KANGANA. I love it, actually.
    the bra outline is kind of hot, in my opinion. In that messy wayy.
    And the second look, I wish she would’ve picked better footwear. Perhaps oxfords would’ve done it more justice :)

  5. eww that is a bra outline showing in the first look.. seems like she is mad at the company so turned up looking sloppy.. also why did she have to mess up her pretty face and hair! she was stunning bfr

  6. the bra sticking out is a NO NO. PnP have flagged inapproriate innerwear on a dozen times on other celebs, but kangana gets a free pass :)

    i hate her “maggi noodles” hair in the second picture. how about combing your hair?

    whats with the dumb poses in every shot? this is especially ridiculous in the third set, where she is standing in some porch, yet posing like its a fashion shoot!

  7. she looks like she has fun with her style, but a bit of variety in expressions wont do her any harm..and that hair looks so messy and unkempt, a sleek pony would look so much better!

  8. Wow Kangna’s post now-a-days take too many haters, just like Aish’s…Whats wrong with ppl….Shes got a totally different vibe, that sets her apart and loves changing it up every single time, a true modelisque diva…I just adore her….

  9. OMG she looks like Michael Jackson in the first picture in the aviators. and not in a good way!

    Dont like her hair, Its not well layered.

    Something about Kangnas face is very off these days. Cant put my finger on it!

  10. She looks good in all three but I hate the way she poses and she REALLY needs to lose the shades they make her seem as if shes trying too hard esp. indoors

  11. I like that she experiments but things don’t work everytime. The shoes in the 3rd look are yuk! I like the first look the most. Its sexy casual . But her lips just look too done and blonde hair (in the 2nd pic) doesnt suit her.

    I love how she works her natural curls and doesn’t have super processed hair with extensions.


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