In Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla

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Shifting gears, Katrina attended IIFA Rocks wearing Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla. Wavy side-swept hair, uncut diamond jewelry and a striking red lip is how she finished out the look.

First, A for effort. This sighting gave us a pause and we appreciate her changing up things. But here’s the low-down… Katrina looked equal parts striking and equal parts overwhelmed in all that red. As long as we don’t look at the images too long, we like this look; she did good.

Katrina Kaif At IIFA Rocks 2017

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Her face looks beautiful but gosh that monstrosity of an outfit. It’s like she borrowed Mithun da’s jacket and dyed it gold. Yuck!!

  2. Your comment of don’t look at it for too long is spot on!
    First glance is wow!. Then you think what?! What even is that? Fluted sleeves ? A red drape? Or both? Is it a deconstructed saree of sorts? A little bit of a red mess.

  3. I can’t believe that Katrina didn’t stick to the usual lackluster gown and same Hairdo! Although I absolutely detest what shes wearing, I still think she looks nice. Maybe this means she will change it up more often from now on. ???

  4. Hair and makeup is beautiful and even top is nice. Sari is too much red but I still like this because most people looking very bad at iifa

  5. She somewhat manages to carry off this horrible mix of red pleated saree and gold tasseled blouse. But looks like those countless women on instagram who wear hideous Manish Malhotra and Suneet Verma outfits to parties, weddings. I mention these names because I have seen these two specifically making such clothes. AJSK mostly make those gota clothes.

  6. Almost could not believe this was Katrina at first sight. Yes it’s different, but not the good kind. Looks like she’s going to unwrap the saree and break into performance! Just wayyy too much.

  7. What is this exactly? Saree? Gown? Saree-gown? Whatever it is, AJSK have once again made a perfectly beautiful woman look like a hot mess.

  8. At first glance I thought she was Rekha. If this is how she is going to change it up by piling on so much make up and wearing AS monstrosities, she should go back to her blah clothes.

  9. It is a little garish and we all know Katrina’s personal style is usually minimal and classy, exact opposite of what she is wearing today

  10. Hawa Hawayee
    Awi Wiwi Wiwi Wiwi
    Hawa Hawayee
    Awi Wiwi Wiwi Wi
    Chee Ho Ho Honolulu Lu Lu Lu Lu, Honolulu
    Hing Bekei Hong Kong, King Kong

    She reminds me of Sridevi from the song Hawa Hawai :D


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