Birkin Spotting

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She already has one in black, and now has been spotted with one in brown… Sigh.

(Thanks ‘Diva’ for pointing us to the pic!)


Karisma Kapoor


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  1. She’s starting to dress more and more like Aishwarya lately…same open side-parted hairstyle incl. oversized glasses, fitted cotton shirt tucked in belted jeans or formal blazers on belted jeans… Granted Aishwarya did not invent these things but it has been her signature style for quite a while and is quite different from the way B-town stars usually dress(ed). No sooner does Ash do a classic photoshoot for Vogue, Karisma comes out of hiding and slips into a gown for the cover of Verve. Kareena seems to be following suit by shyly clinging to the arm of her new Nawab boyfriend the way Aish is always arm-in-arm with the Bachchan heir and ‘leaking’ pictures of her relaxing with Saif in first-class on a flight to Mauritius like Abhiwarya in the Ambanis’ private jet just after the wedding.

    It’s funny

  2. you know i just realized.. gauri doesnt own a birkin! (from what ive seen)
    good job gauri for not falling into the ‘bag is a symbol of status’ trap!
    though.. i love the birkin, also cuz i cant afford it!

  3. Prem Rog: Please dont’ compare Karisma with Aish, Karsima in Real life hardly ever dresses bad where as Aish we can say has not improved even now.

    Most just fell in love couples go arm and arm what is so Bachans in it.

  4. hmm. i don’t get the BIG DEAL with birkin anyways. either..
    these celebs and socialites has more than one.. this bag supose to be hard to get …

    good for gauri.. she did ONE RIGHT thing

    oh back to Karisma.. she looks okay.. getting too caught up doing the socialite thingy

  5. karisma, like twinkle is gtn BOOOORING now. same old dressing style and hair. and those shades!!!!! i wish shed stash those shades away for 1-2 yrs! she looks sophisticated but repetitive.

  6. i’ve found Karisma booooooooooring for a while
    I mean, she had one in black and now brown -_-….
    Preity has the best taste when it comes to Birkins, at least she goes for some color!

  7. Karisma dresses better than Ash ever did or will. Ash is beautiful of course but has never really had any style. She tries hard and usually fails.

  8. i have never found karisma beautiful. yes…she has the ‘coveted’ white skin…but that cant be a yardstick for beauty. her style is repetitive…but then i guess its better to be safe than sorry.

  9. i’m curious to know what the kapoor sisters are like as people. they come across as very shallow, image-concious women. i wonder if they even have any personalities?


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