In Kay Unger

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Another day, another Kay Unger dress.

Twinkle Khanna

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  1. I am getting more and more impressed with the girl, she obviously has decided that she has lost weight and wants to look sexy, not spend huge amounts of money doing so, and manages to look classy beautiful and understated at the same time….would love to see her in a saree tho’ like her mommy…

  2. Hmmm…time for Twinkle to mix it up a little. The silhouette looks great on her…no doubt about that though! I like that she chose the green instead of the red one on the model.

  3. The dress looks better in pink. Twinkle seems to be a big Kay Unger fan. I didn’t even know who this designer was till she started wearing her designs.

  4. Twinkle looks good as always. But she looks very bored in all the pics I have seen of her and it IS really time for her to try something new…btw…is she still into her candle business??


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