Rounding Up The Men

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Have a clear favorite?

Farhan Akhtar
Uday Chopra

Kunal Kapoor
Shahid Kapoor

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Farhan by miles!!! Even though, I must add, Uday cleans up nice as well!

    As for KK, the look is a bit too casual, there is too much white there for a night event. And SK, sigh, guy seems to be trapped in a bad-denim universe and that’s all he gets to wear, even with a formal jacket!

  2. Farhaaaaaan!!! All the others look abysmally weird.

    Umm, maybe not Kunal – he’s cute, but-you-dont-wear-jeans-at-a-premier-EVER.

    And Shahid?? Is that the same guy who was in Jab We Met? ‘Coz I LIKED that Shahid….this one’s a hero-wannabe from some nice, small, friendly town in heartland India who’s bought his first set of formal clothes.

  3. Definitely Farhan! He looks so polished and well put-together. Kunal kapoor is next. Uday Chopra looks like a bandmaster and Shahid’s top and bottom halves look disconnected.

  4. farhan looks really sharp. i am quite besotted with him. kunal comes second. i wish shahid hadn’t worn jeans. i heard that the film was nonsense.

  5. farhan all the way. cant quite take my eyes off him.
    shahid looks like he couldn’t make up his mind on which route to go…and whats wrong with his hair.
    uday chopra is having that flash effect on black…just thank god he wasnt wearing white inners a la sonali kulkarni :P

  6. Farhan looks great. I think Kunal forgot his shirt and showed up with his banian. Shahid forgot to swap his jeans for teh matching suit pants. Uday chopra was hired to pour drinks:)

  7. FARHAN!! I kinda have a crush on him after Rock On…this guy is sooooo yummyyyyyyy…Adhuna is soooooo lucky…Shahid and Uday look really heartbroken…(post-breakup blues still on, i think Uday brokeup with Tanisha, correct me?) Kunal always looks the sameeee…

  8. Shahid is making Kareen cry in pain for letting such a handsome dude go..he is getting handsomer by day (I created the word handsomer to suit Shahib’s evolving appearance)

  9. farhan..hes really retro and sure knows how to dress..always spot on!
    kunal needs a razor,shahids always trendy and uday looks like my paanwala trying a tux ewww

  10. Def Farhan Akhtar… dapperliscious!! (but then I’m a sucker for a man in a well fitted suit. I love that he is almost always so appropriately dressed…. and I must say the rest of the men could learn a thing or two from him… someone please let the Bollywood brigade know that that the whole “dressing down & casual for a big affair” is kinda out.

  11. When Shahid is in the picture, I can’t look anywhere else. So my clear winner is Shahid!!
    I am sorry …I know I should be commenting on their clothes but this time I have no control, the keyboard’s just typing “SHAHID” in caps!!!

  12. hmmmm….shahid belt above luks gud (thts sumthin new to say) …..farhan heluuuuuuuuuuuuuu hunnneyyy….i like guyz hu hav tht clean n neat look….

    @ adit…..its style thts missing from uday…the ability to carry off clothes thts missing…i cud go on!!!

    n kunal…..yea he luks ok


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