The Bachchan Duo

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The Bachchan duo sure looked dapper at the premiere but… and there’s always a ‘but’… wish Abhishek Bachchan had ditched the bow-tie for maybe just a tie. It was a bit much for the premiere and looks severely staid.

amitabh-bachchan-drona-premiere1.jpg abhishek-bachchan-drona-premiere1.jpg


Amitabh And Abhishek Bachchan At ‘Drona’ Premiere

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. bachchan senior looks elegant and handsome here. abhishek looks soft and squishy. he needs to tone up a little bit and stop scoffing his mom’s mishti doi.

  2. ha agree with stylo
    Mr. Bachan Sr. always looks great, he wears funky ties and glasses :)
    The bow-tie is a bit much, but they still look good

  3. Among Bachans, I don’t like Jaya, I think she is some how a very unhappy woman, and her sense of style,,well,, someone needs to tell her that she desperately needs a trim, her hair are long shapeless and freezy

  4. I have grown to have quite a soft spot for the junior B – not quite sure why – maybe like his dad he has has grown into his looks – he looks good here- hard for a man to look bad in a well cut suit – wish he wasn’t wearing a bow tie however overall the look is good – I think its the height and the build (not muscles or I spend every day at the gym kinda build but just naturally broad)

  5. Hate the bow…. apparently he’s really fond of it because he’d dressed the same to this year’s IIFA.

    Othervise he’s a major cutie…

  6. i used to like aishwarya and abhishek both better before they tied the knot – she seems to have developed an attitude (too much cleavage, OTT dressing _) and somehow’s enveloping him in it too … or something… haha who knows!!

  7. i had gone to this unforgetable tour of bachan family in the US n abhishek went to the stage through the audience….nyway so ppl were shouting like crazy for him n me too….BUT he dint even give a smile…not at all…jus waiving hands…n it wasnt that ppl were all over him… that must have not made him not smile out of irritation u know…..but i just hated that attitude….


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