Ditto: A Shoe Edition

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It ain’t a bad design but don’t understand why both times these pumps have been worn oh-so-badly. While Karishma was bearable, where do we begin with Mansi! I can take the ripped middle but whats with the hanging on the side?


Left: Karishma Kapoor at ‘Evolve’ Spa Launch
Right: Mansi Scott at Roling Stone Bash

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. *makes a sour face*

    Clearly, Payal, you’ve got a stronger stomach than I do because just LOOKING at that top is making me nauseous!

    As for the shoe, I think most of the blame falls on the design but it would probably look better with a flowy summer dress or linen/regular slacks rather than denims.

  2. Horrendous outfits!
    Those shoes are manolo blahnik inspired (unless they are by him). They arent bad looking..i remember when he made them they were a big hit a few years ago.

  3. wat the frock..?is that her skin showin in that top..?i thot its a pattern then llokin closely made me realize its ripped…goshh..n that ugly pair of jeans..

  4. ummm enlightenment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its JEAN PAUL GAUTIER on Manasi and the new Gucci clutch which she’s been D&G….but what can say about Karishma-the less the better-but i dig Mansi really..

  5. heyy didnt u feature priyanka chopra some months ago in that smeJPG top mansi is in and say it was super??? I think Mansi has worn the look well- very rock and edgy


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