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On Friday, Kareena attended a panel discussion at the HT Leadership summit in Delhi wearing a sari look. A regular sari look this definitely wasn’t.

Instead of a traditional blouse, the striped Dev R Nil sari was paired with a vintage Christian Lacroix jacket and the look was finished out with a a statement Amrapali necklace.

She looked phenomenal.


Kareena Kapoor at HT Leadership Summit

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  1. How lovely she looks when she resists pouting. Thosugh I’m think the silver breastplate against the gold piping and gold buttons is a bit jarring.

  2. She looks great, minus the pouts and poses of course, but that’s like a footer for every comment with her :)

    On an aside, not sure how I feel about the overuse of the work ‘look’.
    I suppose it’s hard to find a replacement word, but something about reading “wearing a sari look” sounds so off. How about “she attended so-n-so event wearing a sari”? :P

    Does every appearance have to be tagged as a ‘look’? Sounds so fancy dress.

    • Agree with every line you said. I feel the necklace is very big, thinner one would look nice.
      Kareena looks good with natural makeup and when she doesn’t pout and pose.

    • Hehe. On another note, completely off the tangent. I read your comment on some other post about not being a fan of Kajol’s acting. You totally sounded like me. Those have been my exact thoughts. Somehow others find her acting cheerful or “bubbly”, for me, her acting was always irritating. :P And the worst movie was that Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. The movie itself was pretty lame where SRK falls for her only after she has turned into this quintessential desi lady wearing saris and ignoring her in the “tom boy” phase. To add to it, she was definitely chalk-on-board annoying. lol

      • Agree with every single word you said! And although KKHH has great nostalgia value, that plot line definitely had problems about how women should be to get a ‘good’ man.

        • Forcing regressive stereotypes, like most hindi movies !

          Actually speaking of the movies, even as a kid I always found her rather uncomfortable in those sari ‘looks’ :P heheh She pulled off the sporty looks better.

          Which is why she’s someone I’d expect in jeans and tee while out and about her business. It’s the new Kajol who conforms to fashion I can’t quite get on board with!

    • I agree. I always had this thought but could never express it. I guess because look means not just a outfit but the hair, make up, accessory – the combination of it all. Still, i wish there was a better way to put it.

      • True… but “wearing .. ” can end in just the outfit – a Sari / a Dress / Separates, etc.
        I think it was mostly the use of the word with ‘Sari’ that made it sound like playing dress-up :)

  3. Mindblowing. She looks gorgeous and this is “fashion risk taking” done right ( don’t know if that’s correct English didn’t find any other words to explain myself better)

  4. Sonam take lessons!! Although.. It’s the personality and attitude of the person that makes all the difference.. This look on Sonam may have called for a lot of censure.. But Kareena sure works it well!


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