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Wearing a velvet kurta and matching bottoms from Anita Dongre with a Lady Dior mini bag, Kangana attended birthday celebrations of Manikarnika’s producer.

Considering her cheeks are still flushed, me thinks, this isn’t a case of bad makeup.

Kangana Ranaut

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Allergies??
    Velvet is such a tough fabric to wear in an all over look. I’d like to call this the Indian version of the velour sweat pants.

    • Agree with you. Some of my colleagues look like this while they’re going through chemical peeling sessions. Ain’t makeup for sure!

  2. She is probably having some bad skin reaction, like us regular folks. We all have our days. I’d cut her some slack. I still think she is looking beautiful.

  3. She looks good. Also, been a reader of this blog since inception. I have never seen you guys make a comment as the last sentence. Celebs on these pages have had sightings where they seem to look different and I have always appreciated that you have refrained from commentary that fuel speculation. Also been noticing that one of you guys seem quite active on diet Sabya comment section when it’s about lesser know celebs/ designers and mum when the posts are about so called A listers or star kids. Point I’m trying to make is, you do have a credible voice. There are many out there who throw opinions which are out of choice context to their content. Why begin now.

    • Yup. As a long time reader I have observed this too. They definitely tiptoe around starkids and people like Natasha Poonawala, Deepika, Ranveer Singh. They even purged a full conversation on Ranveer Singh’s fake outsider shill. I don’t see them exercising similar restraint for others though. We have all seen celebs transition like Michael Jackson with skin whitening treatment. Never heard a peep about that except for Kajol. There are comments on these Kangana Ranaut that have nothing to do with fashion, but have not been screened by P&P. Would they be here if the aforementioned celebs were involved?

      • They might not criticise the star kids, but don’t think they screen the user comments.We all collectively thought it’s bad makeup, looks like it’s not. That’s all folks.

    • Oh boy. In my head, I was just thinking its a facial gone wrong leading to inflammation. Happens to me too. No other speculation in my head…


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