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Rhea attended Abu Sandeep’s collection preview on Tuesday wearing a jacket, waistcoat and pocket square from Tom Ford with Rick Owens pants and a Zoya choker. Per her post, the top half was borrowed from her dad’s wardrobe, which I thought was really cute. I know I have plenty of shirts I’ve stolen from my dad.

Now let’s talk about the outfit. I love a good power suit and in theory this was a good movebut can I say she nailed it? Not quite.

The biggest issue here was the waistcoat which sat way too low and caused the eyes to be drawn to the decollete which was more of a distraction. In reality, I should’ve been able to focus on the full look and appreciate that.

What did you think of her?

Rhea Kapoor

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Wow I’m no judgemental prude but this is really tacky….always amused to see that celebrity stylists always seem to make terrible fashion choices when it comes to themselves..

  2. Dont like it one bit ! Looks very cheap on her. Now that you mentioned its her dads can see why it is loose and so low. A sharply tailored well fitted suit will do great justice on her. She needs a stylist !

    • Nitya Arora, Masaba and Rhea….. all these three have worn same horrible suit looks. And they are designers and stylists by profession.

  3. The idea that that suit jacket & waistcoat have sat on Anil Kapoor’s hairy chest (not body shaming, this is a description that he’s owned up to himself; he’s a fairly hirsute person) and that they’re now being used to showcase his daughter’s completely hairless bosom, in furtherance of a goal to look ‘sexy’ — that is giving me serious cognitive dissonance.

    Also, this is giving me some creeps. I borrowed my dad’s clothes too, but not to look half-naked and sexy in them.

  4. P and P, how about calling a spade a spade? ‘In theory a good move’, ‘not quite nailed it’: I am always for being gentle and positive, but it is pretty easy to see this would have classified as WTHEY if someone like Amrita Rao wore it. How about being consistent irrespective of whatever/whoever you are wanting to please? Or putting a disclaimer that validates this very weak critique?

  5. Hi P&P,

    I would like to commend you and your team for really keeping the content classy all the time. I have been reading you blog for over 9 years now and not once I have encountered content which reflected in someone’s body image or physical structure. Love love love the blog just for that. xx

  6. Oh wow! What are you tip-toeing around her? This is horrendous beyond belief. If she wanted to show off the cleavage, she should have used some support.

  7. I think her decollete looks fine, cause I don’t believe women should be bashing other women on how our body should be presented in public, we have men for doing that, thank you.
    But as PnP indicated, the waistcoat sitting a little would give it a more polished look

  8. the decolletage is really hard to dress…and if you are ahem, “not athletic” in that area, then it gets harder to not end up looking tacky. Rules I swear by are
    1. avoid any necklace, pendant etc (keep it simple and fuss-free, dont draw more attention to that area), infact a choker with the decolletage disconnects it from the neck, and “objectifies” it a lot more….
    2. lotsa silicone petals and side boob tape, to lift and separate the girls
    3. Use the bronzer and highlighter only on your clavicle and not your cleavage (please….)
    the point is, make the decolletage look accidental, and not intentional!!


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