Kajol in Vogue India: Decoded

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It almost seems like, after looking at this Vogue India spread, that the dresses in question were picked before even deciding on subject. How else can you explain layering that beautiful Versace dress with a boring black top and the last pic where Kajol looks like she is trying to hold the dress up?

Catch more pics of the duo from Vogue Here.


Blumarine, Fall 2009


Versace, Fall 2009


Gucci, Fall 2009



Left: Blumarine, Fall 2009
Right: Kajol and Shah Rukh Khan on Vogue India Oct 2009

Photo Credit: Kajol Mania, Style

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  1. I love the first pics. Kajol and Shahrukh look amazing together. Even the third pic is great.
    The 2nd and 4th pic are really really bad. She killed the red gown.

  2. Gucci Gucci! Haila! That’s a fantastic photo!

    The first one with the bllumarine dress…the chemistry…oh dear god, hurry up and be released you slow movie!
    i miss that chemistry on my tv screen :(

  3. The blumarine tube dress is soooo hot! PnP I can’t find Blumarine on shopbob or outnet…can I view their stuff online? Kajol looks amazing in Gucci too, love her eye make-up…honestly, forget the young generation, I think Kajol still beats them all…

  4. yes 1st and 3rd are great.. 4th isn’t all that bad either … i just love her being herself so yeah i don’t mind if she is laughing all silly … but why is Karan trying so hard????

    any way .. wish she would have skipped the red one all together and i hate the cover!

    do love kajol though .. she does have charm, maybe not the diva attitude required for some poses but the CHARM is there :)

  5. i donno if i have EVER seen her without heavy kohl, i guess she started the whole racoon eye trend in bollywood, would love to see her without it!

  6. Kajol is so gorgeous and photogenic (unlike a certain SRK who looks very filmy and contrived) even with the unibrow
    The dresses are lovely, but what they did to the Versace is blasphemy :/ The photoshoot manages to be captivating because of Kajol (even though I’m not exactly her biggest fan, at all) but are very…-__-
    Ana Wintour would be wonderful, but I personally prefer Vouge Italia and Vouge Paris ;)

    • surely you mean vogue and not vouge. and srk does not look contrived or filmy. the man isn’t the best looking but he’s got style! and looks fantastic in most of his photoshoots.

      • Indeed I did mean Vogue, the perils of typing fast
        and YES HE DOES ;) just look at his expressions vs. Kajols (as usual)
        and I wouldn’t call velvet and see-through shirts style

  7. I agree, why pick that dress if you’re going to stick a mumsy black vest top underneath it that totally kills the look ? shes also not working the look much which shows how uncomfortable she is in this get up. Her face looks gorgeous in the close up Gucci shot though, and the Blumarine dress looks somewhat better on her – but I say go with what suits you.

  8. Sorry I cannot imagine an Ann Wintour doing something like that with American Vogue. They are overdoing the friends on covers in India now. Time to move back to real fashion and stop promoting freinds and their movies.

  9. I can’t get past the 1st pic. Ok love the last one too. Except not for the clothes. Chemistry is still there. Can’t wait for MNIK to release.

  10. Agree with all – 1st and 3rd pics are stunning and What she did with the Versace dress…. well, I blame the Vogue fashion editor..massive faux pas.

  11. I just finished ranting about the Versace dress fiasco in the previous posting and then saw this. My eyes popped out of their sockets. The Karan SRK picture is GOOFY and awkward.

    The Fashion editor NEEDS to be FIRED. This isn’t Sarita..this is Vogue and although the American version is not so great either, this is just plain unacceptable. There is a brand Image to me maintained and by compromising creativity and standards you are diluting it….TERRIBLE. JUST PLAIN TERRIBLE.

    Wintour and more importantly Sozzani would DIE if they saw this.

  12. Now I believe in the power of makeup and photoshop…they can make Kajol look reasonably good, they can make anyone look like a goddess!

  13. 1st pic and the close-up, Kajol rocks! The rest.. well, they’d be okay if this were a filmfare shoot. Hate the way they’ve killed the red gown. Why not pick something more conservative, then?! gah!

  14. Most of the pics are great-the photo shoot totally works depite the harakiri coz of kajol and SRK-she can make everything work-looks Dreamy in the Gucci. Even in the photo where she is holding up her dress :( :(, she does not look awkard somehow

  15. Love them, love their movies (ok, maybe not that last monstrosity KKKG, but wish this one would get released quick), but the cover is awful. Ditto with the selection of clothes used on the shoot for the most part- she looks great in the beaded silver Blumarine and Gucci pieces, but the Versace looks rather tacky close up (those pailettes…and that tank top..ugh). Whoever did the styling needs to know it sucked.

    And yet, and yet, Kajol is as compelling as ever. The best shots in this bunch of ugly pictures are the ones where she actually seems to be expressing herself- the woman may be in some fug outfits, but no way in hell is she letting them wear her. And I kind of wish the shot of her smiling with SRK in the silver dress had been used for the cover instead of that fakey-gloompuss look they went with..


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