Photo Shoot Wars!

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It’s just been a few days and we already have another (see the other one here) dress that’s made its way onto two major stars. Earlier we saw the red Versace dress on Katrina (see here) on the GQ cover and here is Kajol who wears it in Vogue India with a Mango cowl top to make up for the deep v-neck. If you ask us, we’d have rather seen Kajol wear a different dress than wear it with the black top.

Do you have a favorite?


Left: Versace, Fall 2009
Center: Kajol in Vogue India Oct 2009
Right: Katrina Kaif on GQ India Oct 2009

Photo Credit: Kajol Mania, Style

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  1. Instead of the black cami, should have worn something lacy underneath for some modesty. I think she would have looked much better without so much photoshopping.

  2. No Comparison..Katrina is gorgeous in that dress. Besides Katrina rules the modeling act and Kajol is queen of acting. Its like comparing Katrina’s acting talent (or lack of it) to Kajols. Kajol is a livewire made just for the silver screen.

  3. I SAY NEITHER. It looks tacky on both of them, why pic a sexy dress when you’re not comfortable with looking that sexy. Blake Lively please.

  4. man wearing a Versace dress with a cami ?????/ What a TRAVESTY!NO ONE not even GOD can wear a cami with a Versace dress.

    And What is WRONG with Vogue India???? If Magazines could emote the Italian, French and even the American version would be ballistic and completely horrified!

    I would imagine Vogue would like to cover women who are confident about themselves…this is a clear indication Kajol isn’ least when it comes to wearing a daring dress. This iis equivalent to buying a dress a Versace gown and then using it as moping cloth…..Unfreakingbelievable!!!!!

    Blake looked subliminal in this.. SUBF*%ingliminal ;-)

    • “If Magazines could emote the Italian, French and even the American version would be ballistic and completely horrified!”

      LOVED this quote. I laughed quite a bit, in-fact I’m still amused. Love it.

  5. as you can see my typos indicate my fury ;-) Next time Kajol should just wear a salwar kameez..if you ain’t comfortable you most likely ain’t pulling it off.

  6. That black cami ruins everything & don’t like the hair either…It’s a great dress on Kat…Kajol is pretty..why wear something you are not uncomfortable in and then cover it with something hideous..It makes more sense to get photographed in something that you are comfortable wearing.


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