Scarf Style?

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In a sheer black shirt paired with wide legged pants, Kajol attended the launch of Dabboo Ratnani’s 2013 calendar. This look would’ve been great if the shirt was buttoned higher. As is, the look feels too forced and the scarf, too in your face.


Kajol at Dabboo Ratnani’s 2013 Calendar Launch

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  1. What happened? she was having such a good run. her skin radiates in that shade of pink. she shuda continued with the same color theme or just put on fitted dark pants.

  2. I know she has revived her style and all but what has happened to her face ? She look years younger in these pictures, well good for her.

  3. The quality of comments from HHC has changed. This outfit is a disaster, fit around the waist, that hideous belt! Where is the scarf, there is a halter top.

  4. That doesn’t look like a scarf to me. More like a halter top. I don’t like the wide belt and the sheer sleeves. Something is very off about this look.

  5. wow.. stunning face and love her hair do as well.. love the colour of the top(its NOT a scarf), do not like that silly not see how doing acouple more buttons would have helped the look?


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