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Ms. Singh went the desi route for two of her appearances while promoting her movie. At the ‘Support My School’ event, it was a red Nupur Kanoi. And for the other, a yellow Manish Malhotra. Like one more over the other?


Chitrangda Singh At ‘Support My School’ Campaign

Chitrangda Singh On The Sets Of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani, Twitter

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  1. I wish she had tied up her hair in the first one since the collar goes all the way up to her chin pretty much. But that outfit looks like I have seen it before..

  2. I know you guys have a soft spot for Ms. Singh, but I just don’t find her as attractive…may be because her face is too masculine for my liking. Anyway, the yellow outfit is much better than the red. The black jacket is cute though. She does have lovely hair and she should have done something more with it.

  3. A little simpler and more casual look maybe when one is at a school for relatively underprivileged kids? Actually, strike that and make it at ANY school.
    And the appropriateness of promoting a titillatory ( from the promos, atleast) film about workplace sexual harassment to school kids? Gah, lets not even go there.

  4. totally Agree. Chitrangada too is one of the few who don’t experiment with their hair very often. But I wish she does. She is so beautiful she can pull it off.

  5. High neck does not suit her..especially with hair down. The waistband is too much considering there’s already a lot happening at the bottom.


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