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Jackie is not one to do anything by half measures… When he is good, he is very good and when he is bad, he is very bad!


Jackie Shroff

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Is that Pakistan’s flag on his head?? Sigh Sigh… I always feel so awk when these middle aged men wear tight jeans with ‘badass’ prints on them. Megh and the messenger bag, to me, confirms that he did think about his outfit while putting it together. So sad.

  2. sigh…he has been looking pretty bad for a long time..i think he has been stuck on his tight jeans phase for the past 25 years..time for a upgrade..he can take a cue from anil kapoor on how to grow old a bit more gracefully…

  3. I love Jackie Shroff. Grew up watching his movies and miss his as an actor. My adoration of him is willing to over look this get up. He used to be called the best dressed man of bollywood back in the days.

  4. midlife crisis, he in an estage where he thinks its still 80s and he is still singing with Madhuri around trees and girls still think that he is a hacka hacka hot

  5. I stiill like him a lot. I miss him now a days in the movies.Now he needs to be more carefull about his cloths as he is growing old.But stll he is cool……


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