In Tanieya Khanuja

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Huma attended an Awards event in Delhi on Sunday and was seen wearing a Tanieya Khanuja dress with jewels from Umesh Jivnani. All was good until I saw the footwear. Yes, chunky sneakers are all the rage these days, but can’t say I like it. Definitely didn’t here. The pink sneakers just were so jarring.

Huma Qureshi

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  1. This is like people who would wear flip flops to school when they had an injured foot. STYLE OVER COMFORT AND DEBILITATING PAIN ANY DAY. Why wear those abominations at an award show?

  2. Omg. I can’t belive this. Why wear a shoe that you want people to see , but they can’t see, untill you lift your dress up.
    How desperate is that ??
    She could hv just worn this with any other casual short dress( not that I am a fan of that shoe anyway ) any other day.
    Not in terms of her dress .. but fashion sense wise she should get a WTHEY ..!!

  3. Gawd another ‘esclave de la mode’. If one has to follow a trend, make it meaningful and for a worthy cause. Wear shoes that say ” RRR” or ” No plastics”, or ” Girl Power”. Why cant stars be more impactful when they have so much attention.

  4. I laugh so hard … how can the whole team of grooming not see this ???
    Why does everyone wanna be a trend setter and trying super hard to be a fashionista ????
    Why OH Why !!!


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