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Alia visited the Super Dancer set wearing a peach Anita Dongre sets with chand baali style earrings. She looked lovely.

Alia Bhatt

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Bending down etc is just faux pas waiting to happen. I am amazed how actresses carry themselves without such fiascos happening on a daily. Kudos.
    She does look angelic.

    • They are not doing any regular day to day work like normal women. They have people around them to assist for everything they need. They just do show off.

    • Maybe because they don’t need to do anything other than sit, I’m pretty sure she has assistants for any bending that is required :D

  2. What is this ? An anarkali?
    That neck is AWFUL. It looks bad on her as well. The suit looks blingy like a MM creation. Don’t like this one bit.

      • There is nothing wrong in showing some cleavage, but in Alia’s case it has got to be said that there is nothing wrong in’not showing’ cleavage either. In recent times her necklines do look like a desperate attempt at trying to show cleavage.

        • Why is an attempt to / or showing of cleavage branded as negative? Aren’t we doing the same as what TOI did a few years ago when they pointed at DP’s cleavage?
          Each one of us have grown up with our sense of modesty and what we consider to be normal clothes. But by projecting your sense of modesty to anyone else, you are only being narrow minded. There is no rule-book for what is acceptable and normal. I grew up in a time where sleeveless clothes and short skirts were considered bad, but over time that has changed. So will any other fashion choice considered bad today.
          If Malaika, Priyanka, Alia et al are comfortable showing whatever skin they want to show , who are you and me to comment on whether they are trashy, vulgar, cheap, or desperate? This is a fashion blog. We should comment on their fashion choices but keep what we perceive it projects to ourselves.
          Anyone who feels that showing any kind of skin is bad, is the same person who shames the victim for being sexually harassed saying ‘she was asking for it when she wore those clothes’.
          Just because we know the names of some international designers doesn’t make us progressive, how we react to others not conforming to our standards does!
          Dear P&P,
          I love your blog. I have been following it since almost its inception. I love how you commentary never passes a judgement beyond the clothing choices. But comments of late are full of hate and negativity. I remember you pulling down comments back in the day which were hateful, lately not so much. May be a stricter moderation will help that.

  3. I have major fatigue of her styling these days.Same old hair,same make up.And the comments on her too are same, she looks sweet,lovely,dressing her age etc


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