Genelia On Marie Claire: (Un)Covered

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Aren’t you loving color this season! Where Kareena went the fresh route against a more colorful background on Grazia, Marie Claire took on color-blocking head on with Genelia wearing Gucci against a warm amber/yellow background. We aren’t feeling the make-up much (did we have to color-block that too? :p) but the cover sure grabs your attention! You like?

Gucci Spring 11 sure has been popular. Look at all the magazines it made it too!

Left: Gucci, Spring 2011
Right: Genelia D’Souza On Marie Claire April 2011

Photo Credit: Marie Claire, Style

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  1. I find it sad that these mags dont give Indian designers a chance to showcase their talent…w/ the recently concluded fashion weeks and fresh runway designs, you would think they had more options to showcase creativity on these covers…sigh…would be great to have a break from the Guccis and Pradas w/o compromising on trends like color-blocking…that aside, what is this ridiculous hey-what’s-up pose? and the post below w/ KK…really? not happening!

  2. yikes. i loved the color blocking trend but talk about massacring the look. This also looks too similar to the Katy Perry cover..and was there any need for the yellow bg?

    • Lol.. ya ! I live in the tropics like atleast another 35% of the world. So this seasonal clothing system doesnt fit me. And its only these places not in the tropics, where colder seasons mean less colour.

  3. It’s a great take on colour blocking, but the cover nothing particularly unusual for the season. The outfit has been seen on so many photo spreads and covers lately.

  4. I like it. Have seen the previous issue too. Atleast they have guts to do something different then what vogue does. You need to look at the inside pages of MarieClaire. There design has improved a lot in last couple of months. They are much much better th

  5. firstlry… this is the exact same as seen on katy perry on elle magazine… so i really cant give the credibility to the stylist ….
    secondly.. we do love colours this season…. but who loves color blocking on clothes, lips and eyes?!

  6. Horrible background color + horrible eye shadow + horrible lipstick color + straight off the runway color block trend = disaster!


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