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gauri khan-hrithik roshan birthday party

Gauri Khan At Hrithik Roshan’s Birthday Party

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. It’s hardly a spectacular look, but she’s finally getting her makeup right. I do not get whats so “is begging for a stylist” about this.

    Sure the hair is little off and the shoes could have been a lot better, but overall I find it more average than terrible. Nice dress, although a little snug and the clutch is cute, in a bland way.

  2. I don’t think Gauri looks terrible, but I’m not sure if that dress is suiting her too much. Its kind of making her look dumpy, which is a shame as shes actually got a pretty good figure.

  3. Horrible dress, just doesnt not fit her. Bad hair. Good make up though. She could have looked so much nicer if she wore something more age and figure appropriate.


    Dress should have been a size smaller
    Hair should have been pulled back with a front pouff
    What the hell is that lip liner color,, yikes! early 90s?
    Shimmer stalkings and that loubs whi ch was on sale on most of the sites, NAH!
    A neat leg witha pop of color couls have been better.

  5. Make up is not bad… except for mismatching lipliner. Hair is messy not sexy tousled. I would love to gift her a hair brush. And why oh why despite all the expensive brandnames does she end up looking like she dressed out of the summer sale victoria’s secret clothes catalog!

  6. I think she can wear a proper undergarment with this outfit..and the dress could have been more fitting. I notice that her boobs are always heading south with some of her outfits.. if the “i’m all natural” look that shes going for ..then..it STILL doesn’t work.

  7. i think she looks good…not a ‘wow’…but overall a nice put together look (except the pantyhose…but hey whatever)

    i definitely dont think it warrants a ‘she needs a stylist’

    that’s harsh

  8. the top of her dress looks like the black elie saab gown angelina jolie wore at some award function.however she loooks really pretty!for once i can properly see her face!

  9. Gauri’s Guide to Style

    Big 80’s Hair – check
    Off shoulder dress – check
    Shiny clutch – check
    High Heels – check
    Cocktail ring – check
    Lip liner – check

    Are we totally bored of it – check check!

    • I so agree with you on this.. she maybe looking good here -bcause of make up et al..but she “does need a stylist” to get a look which is different and maybe more age appropriate…
      I have never seen her in anything but an off-shoulder dress… she is a pretty woman and nice figure and she can definitely do a LOT better than this…

  10. there is nothing I like about this look and it is time she trims her hair. I like the way shipa and twinkle wear long hair.

    Is she wearing stockings or is it the lighting? why would anyone wear stocking in mumbai?

  11. this might come off wrong but here goes: with husbands in the limelight (like srk and akshay kumar), with millions of girls probably falling all over them all the time, these first ladies really do have to dress to the nines always. while twinkle goes for the classy, trophy wife look, i guess gauri tries to be more sexy- which she achieves, i guess.
    as for getting a stylist, i think she looks fine, no major fashion faux pas. and if this is her comfort zone, so be it. why would she change it up?

    • I dont really think Twinkle goes for a trophy wife look, classic I definitely agree. She has a strong personality and it shows in her clothes, quirky neckpieces et al. I think what might add a ‘trophy’ feel about her is just her natural elegance and feminity.

      Agree again on the Gauri going for a sexy image, which achieves very well considering that she is forty.

  12. i jst saw wat preety wore on hrithiks bday…
    normal T n jeans…. but with snow boots…..
    ummm weather and the shoe quite didnt match :/

  13. Makeup looks lovely.
    Love her clutch & her heels look ok.
    I actually like the dress itself but it doesn’t look like it fits her properly?!!

  14. I think she looks good here after a long time…i don’t think anyone will have a good hair at the end of party..i can’t understand some of urs comment…do u guys expect her to comb her hair when she comes out of the party????


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