A Case Of Envy

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How does she do it, pick something ‘what the heyish‘ and make it totally work?

The purple outfit wouldn’t have worked on just about anyone and the print of the tunic/shirt was just a tad much, certainly not our cup o’ tea… But, have got to say Neetu not only made ’em work, made ’em look chic too while at it.

neetu singh-screen awards-2010-chivas fashion tour-surily goel

Neetu Kapoor, née Singh
Left: At Star Screen Awards
Right: At Surily Goel Showing, Chivas Fashion Tour

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani, Bollywood Hungama

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  1. You’re right. I can’t say they’re HORRIBLE outfits because we all have seen much worse but yeah they’re not fantastic picks. With her figure and beauty she should really knock em dead and these outfits are not doing her justice, but she def makes them look good.

    • yes, I really like the top, and anyone with an understated elegant style as Neetu could probably make it work. The dress I’m not too sure about — but Neetu nevertheless looks lovely!!

  2. Neetu has this easy, effortless grace that makes a less than ideal ensemble look good. Plus her silhouettes are always classic, and that helps. I don’t think even Neetu could salvage those disasters you see Poonam Dhillon whip out sometimes.

  3. she looks so elegant and graceful.. nobody else would have been able to do justice to those outfits.. i kinda like her tunic..very smart!!

  4. I think its because we already give her a head start on the points being that she is a mature woman.

    Also she covers up for everyday occasions. Makes it look ya know… NOT trashy! Trashy-costumy, Fredricks of Bollywood looks with bad tailoring is a look that the young uns in Bollywood specialise in.

  5. i was startled by all the purple when i saw the coverage of this event on tv but i think neetu can make anything work as she’s quite a diva.

  6. she looks beautiful in both outfits. I love her in the purple and of course her chanel bag looks great, just the right size. She has come a long way,

  7. oh my i’m mighty impressed…..d tunic on d right is not too bad, but to look that divine in that ghastly excuse for a salwar kameez….salute


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